Free Partition Recovery Software to Restore Deleted/Lost/Formatted Partitions on Mac

Recover missing or deleted Mac partition using this free Partition Recovery tool. It recovers data from partition after accidental deletion, formatting, re-partitioning, and corruption. Eveluate the software for free by downloading its free demo edition that recovers and allows free preview of the recovered files even before purchase. Try now!!!


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Mac Partition Recovery

There are many reasons due to which we might end up losing the partitions, better known as volumes on our Mac. Some of the common reasons can be summarized as follows,

  • In most of the cases, loss of volumes on Mac occurs due to human error. This can be in the form of either accidental deletion of the wrong volumes on Mac, or due to unfamiliarity with the usage of the Mac Disk utility. This usually results in the user deleting the wrong files and partitions.


  • There are also instances when the user ends up selecting the wrong drive for reformatting, usually when there is more than one hard drive that is connected to a single Mac computer. This leads to the formatting of the wrong hard drive resulting in loss of data.


  • Besides the reasons given above, Mac volumes can also be lost due to various other reasons like a power outage, malware, virus attacks etc.


The above reasons could result in loss of a Mac volume, hence making the data in it inaccessible. In such a situation, it is important not to panic, and make use of a good partition recovery software that can unerase partition from the failed hard drive and eventually restore lost & deleted data from it. Partition Recovery software is an efficient partition recovery software that specializes in recovery of lost/deleted HFS+ and HFSX volumes on MacOS X Lion, Mountain Lion, High Sierra, Sierra, Catalina, Snow Leopard, and other versions. This partition recovery software also supports the recovery of various file formats from the deleted partitions, it can comfortably recover raw pictures from deleted partition along with other music & video file formats. Just download this software and use it to retrieve deleted volumes from Seagate portable hard drive on Mac machines.



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