How to Deal with Data Loss Occured While Creating FAT Partition

Deletion or loss of data occured while creating or re-formatting FAT partitions can be easily rescued back with the assistance of Partition Recovery program. In fact, the trial version of the software is available for free download. So, you can evaluate the recovery results for free before purchasing the license of the tool. Download and preview the recovered files for free!!!


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Data loss during creation of FAT partitions

File Allocation Table or FAT is a file system that was widely used in most of the PCs before the advent of the newer NTFS file system. Though the usage of FAT file system in PCs has reduced by a great extent, FAT file system is made use of widely in USB drives and in some PCs. There are different versions of the FAT file system, which is made use of in different types of drives based on the size and compatibility.


While creating FAT partitions you can choose between the different versions available based on your necessity. FAT 12 is the most primitive in the FAT family and is rarely in use nowadays. FAT 12 supports a maximum partition size of 15MB. FAT 16 file system, which is the next version of FAT file system that was released, which supported a maximum partition size of 2GB. However, the most widely used FAT file system is the FAT 32 file system, which can create partitions of size 127GB. But in Windows 2000/XP this partition size is limited to 2GB. In the newer generation PCs that run on Windows Vista and above, the ExFAT file system is used.


When you create new FAT partitions, there is always a chance of data getting lost due to various reasons like power outage during partitioning process, FAT partitions getting lost or deleted when you try to install a new operating system on the disk space that is available or when you try to create new partitions using third party disk utility software. Hence the need to backup your data before partitioning is essential. If proper backup is not available, and the data is lost, it is best to get hold of partition recovery software to recover the lost partitions. Recover partition software, lets you recover data from lost/deleted FAT partitions with utmost ease. The wizard based interface of this software makes partition recovery simple even for a novice.


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