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Use this free Windows 8 Partition Recovery Software to recover files from deleted, formatted, corrupted, and reformatted Windows 8 hard drive. Trial version offers free preview of the recovered files even before purchasing its full license. So, download the trial edition and evaluate the recovery results for free now!!!


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Software to Recover HDD Partition on Windows 8

Do you have deleted or formatted hard drive partitions on latest Windows version i.e. Windows 8 and looking for partition recovery tool? Hard drive partitions can delete or lost due to formatting, erroneous re-partitioning, virus infection, file system conversion, resizing partitions and due to other unknown reasons. For recovery of these formatted, deleted or lost hard drive partitions, several tools are on hand but there are very few tools available for partition recovery on Windows 8 and among these tools, Partition Recovery Software is the best utility, which is designed with advanced technology to recover formatted hard drive partitions on Windows OS. Partition Recovery software recovers partitions on all latest Windows versions such as Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and from Windows Vista in an efficient way.


You need to perform hard disk partition recovery due to various factors. Generally, accidental formatting of partitions is the most usual scenario carried out computer users. A particular hard drive partition gets format as you click on FORMAT option by right clicking on that drive. During installation of Windows OS, it shows all partitions and asks for formatting. On that time most of users get format all partitions mistakenly. Any interruption during re-partitioning the existing partitions while installing operating system also leads to partition loss. Error while resizing the hard drive partitions for shrinking or expanding disk partition space by disk utility manager or with the help of third-party tool on Windows 8 also leads to deleted or lost partition. It is not possible to restore these deleted or formatted partitions without employing any third party tool. However, Partition Recovery Software makes it too easy to get back deleted FAT partition along with NTFS, ExFAT partitions on Windows 8.


As NTFS is more secure and reliable with great performance than FAT. Therefore, most of the user attempts to convert FAT file system to NTFS. Any error while performing file system conversion process can also result in deleting hard disk partitions on Windows 8. Apart from this, Virus infection is also very severe cause related to partition loss. It can damage file system structure or result in corrupting hard drive boot sector. Boot sector contains machine code to load the operating system. After boot sector corruption, it becomes necessary to format hard drive, which leads to deleting partitions. Additionally, if any partition gets corrupt due to virus infection, you cannot be able to access files on that partition. In this case, you will have to restore hard drive partition on Windows 7 with the help of Partition Recovery Software. In addition, you can recover lost or deleted the partition on Mac machine very easily.


Partition Recovery Software is an easy to use application, which retrieves music files, raw pictures, videos and other documents from deleted, formatted or corrupted hard drive partitions on Windows and Mac OS environments. Apart from hard drive partition recovery, you can also recover ex-hard drive partitions and USB drive partitions with a tool.


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Guidelines to perform partition recovery on Windows 8

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of Partition Recovery software. Once the software is launched, the main window appears as shown in the Figure a


Partition Recovery on Windows 8 -  Welcome Screen

Figure a : Main Screen


Step 2: From the main window, select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option. On next window select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option as shown in Figure b


Partition Recovery on Windows 8 - Select Formatted Partition Recovery Option

Figure b : Select Formatted Partition Recovery


Step 3: Once you select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option, a new window will appear and display all the logical drives connected to the computer as shown in Figure c. Select the formatted partition and click next.


Partition Recovery on Windows 8 - Select Partition Drive

Figure c : Select Partition Drive


Step 4: As you click on next tab, the software starts scanning the selected partition and after complete scanning, all the recovered data is displayed in a hierarchical manner in "Data View" or "File Type View" option as shown in Figure d


Partition Recovery on Windows 8 - Recovered files in Data View / File Type View

Figure d : Recovered files in Data View / File Type View


Step 5: You can preview the recovered data with "Preview" option. You can also save the scanned information into a file using "Save Recovery Session" option. If you are satisfied with the recovery results, you can buy the software and select the option "Open Recovery Session" to load the saved scanned information and save the recovered data either on a CD / DVD or any other storage medium as shown in Figure e .


Partition Recovery on Windows 8 - Option to Save Recovered Data

Figure e : Option to Save Recovered Data


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