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Recover Deleted/Lost Partition from Seagate Hard Drive

Recover your deleted or lost Seagate hard drive partition using this free Partition Recovery Program. Download, and launch the free trial version of the software and preview the recovered files for free before purchasing the full software. So, download and evaluate the recovery results for free now!!!


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Recover Partition Software

How to Restore Seagate Hard Drive Partition?

Hard drive is an integral part of computer that can store large amount of digital information. There are lots of hard drive manufacturers, out of which Seagate is one of the most trusted and largest producer of hard drives in the world. Hard drive is divided into number of partition based on user’s requirement and each partition can store variety of data. There are times where you could lose partitions on Seagate hard drive due to some problems such as accidental deletion, hard drive crash and re-partitioning hard disk.

You can make use of some third party partition recovery utility, which will help you in recovering lost partitions from Seagate hard drive. In such partition loss scenarios, one of the best recover Seagate partition software to rescue all your lost/deleted partitions from Seagate hard drive is Recover (Windows). It perfectly restores data from partitions that might have lost under the following situations:

  • Partition Formatting: During the process of formatting of a specific partition, you might format other partition by mistake; then data stored on that partition will be lost. OS re-installation on your PC might even format partitions on your Seagate hard drive.
  • Partition Deletion/Loss: There are cases where partitions are accidentally lost or deleted from Seagate hard drive due to bad sectors on hard disk caused by power failures or abrupt shut down of the computer. This partition recovery tool can be used to restore lost hard disk partition data from hard drive during such data loss situation.
  • Repartitioning hard drive: If you delete and create new partitions on your hard drive, there are chances of losing partitions during this process.
  • Third Party Application: Partitions are deleted when you do modifications to partitions using Windows Disk Management tool or any other third party application.
  • Partition Corruption: Accidentally converting a partition from dynamic to basic and errors during file system conversion can corrupt the partition(s) on Seagate hard drive. Corruption of partition vis another main reason that could result in loss of hard drive partition(s).

Whatever may be the severity of partition loss situation,take the assistance of this partition recovery software that has been suggested by industry experts to recover data from deleted/lost partition, formatted or re-formatted partition and re-partitioned hard drive. It will effectively recover partitions from Seagate, Hitachi, Iomega, Transcend, Buffalo or from any other hard drive manufacture. Apart from recovering partitions on desktop hard drive, it will also support lost partition recovery from laptop hard disk. Retrieving partition from hard disk drive and external USB hard drives is possible by using this hard drive partition recovery tool.

This utility is recognized as one of the best formatted hard drive recovery tool, which is capable of restoring data from formatted partition. It can even retrieve RAW photo files from deleted partition, which are mostly used as photo file formats in modern digital cameras. This tool has special algorithms, which identifies and recovers up to 300 file types including media files and other important files based on their unique signatures. The software facilitates to recover partition data from hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images. Apart from Windows system, this tool is also used to recover deleted/lost partitions from Macintosh system.

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Steps to recover partition from Seagate hard drive:

Step 1: Once the software is launched, select "Recover Partitions/Drives" option from the main window, then a screen pops up from which you need to select "Partition Recovery" option, as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Partition from Seagate Hard Drive - Select Parititon Recovery Screenshot

Figure 1: Select Partition Recovery

Step 2: Once you click on "Partition Recover" option, the software displays all the physical drives present on your computer. Select the Seagate hard drive and click Next button. Then the software scans hard drive and displays all the found partitions that were deleted or lost as shown in Figure 2.

Recover Partition from Seagate Hard Drive - Select Found Partition to Recover

Figure 2: Select Valid Partition/Drive


Step 3: Select the partition from which you want to retrieve lost data and click Next. Then the software scans your Seagate hard drive, searches for all the lost data that was present in that partition and displays it. You can preview recovered data as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Partition from Seagate Hard Drive - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Data

Step 4: Later you can use "Save Recovery Session" option in the Demo Version to save the scanned information and once you purchase the product you can use "Open Recovery Session" option and resume data recovery process.


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