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Recover Missing Partition

Restore partition missing after formatting, reformatting, corruption, and accidental deletion using the free Partition Recovery Program. Get the free trial version of this software to recover & preview the recovered files from missing partition for free before purchasing the license. Get it now!!!

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Recover Missing Partition

User always has to partition their system hard drive, because keeping operating system, various applications and data on the same hard drive can be risky. The reason for this is, if the only partition on the hard drive is missed, then the user will not be able to access any data on a hard drive. What to do if because of some reason, partitions on hard drive are missed? Here in order to recover missing partition user has to make use of partition restore software.

One main reason for missing partition is the journal file corruption. The journal file on the system is as same as log file, which keeps record of all file modifications on hard drive. However, if journal file gets corrupted because of any hardware problem or abrupt shut down of system and marks wrong entries in the file system, then it results into corruption of file system and also in missing of important partitions on hard drive. If one want to Recover Partition, then should make use of software to recover missing partition. This application supports partition recovery on Windows as well as Mac operating systems and facilitates user to recover missing partition data from Mac OS X Lion and other versions of Mac.

One more reason for missing partition is an operating system crash. There are several reasons for operating system crash. When any program inadvertly writes data to the memory occupied by operating system, it can result into operating system crash. Even when user restores system to previous point in time, it can result into missing existing partitions. In such situations, user can retrieve lost data from partitions, by making use of Recover Partition tool. Even when people go to reinstall their operating system, they have to reformat partitions on the system. If any errors occur while merging or resizing of partition during reformatting, then it also leads to missing of some important partitions.

The other reasons for missing partition are hard drive crash and volume header corruption. There are several reasons for hard drive crash. Virus infection is one among those reasons. As, virus is designed to destroy files on hard drive, it can infect the important files of operating system, making it impossible to access the files needed to run the computer. In this case, Recover Partition Utility can retrieve missing partitions on hard drive and can restore partitions from laptop hard drive. The user also can miss partitions on computer due to partition table corruption. The main reason for this is boot sector viruses, which corrupt main components of memory boot record and result into partition table corruption. This leads into inaccessibility to partitions, in short user misses partition on hard drive.

Even when any errors or interruptions take place during file system conversion, it can result into missing of partitions. In such case, the user can recover missing partition by using software to Recover Partition. Apart from missing partitions, this software also can restore deleted partitions and facilitates user to get back RAW photos from deleted partitions along with other media files such as video files, audio files etc. Use the software on all the latest version of Windows operating system including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 etc.

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Steps to Recover Missing Partition:

Step 1: Launch the software. Select "Recover Partition / Drives" option from the main window.

Recover Missing Partition - Home Screen

Figure A : Main window

Step 2: Then the software displays a new window with two options "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery". Select "Partition Recovery" option as illustrated in figure below.

Recover Missing Partition - Choose Partition Recovery

Figure B : Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: The next screen shows all the drives present on computer. Check mark the partition from which data is to be recovered and click on "Next".

Recover Missing Partition - Drive Selection

Figure C : Select the Drive

Step 4: Select all files to recover entire partition data or select any particular file to recover and click on "Next" button as shown in figure below.

Recover Missing Partition - Choose file types

Figure D : Select File Types to Recover

Step 5: Then the software scans the selected drive and displays all the recovered data. You can also preview the recovered files as shown in figure below and evaluate the recovery results.

Recover Missing Partition - Preview Screen

Figure E : Preview Recovered Data

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